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The Annual Report gives you an insight into the different tasks, the various topics and the international diversity of Mission EineWelt’s work. And it shows why we depend on your support in present and will continue to do so in the future.

The annual report is published by Mission EineWelt – Center for Partnership, Development and Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. For further information please click on the following headings.

Contact persons

Thomas Nagel
Head Office
Executive Secretary for Press and Media

Phone: 09874 9-1050, Fax: 09874 9-330

Juliane Schlicker/ Alexander Philipp
Head Office
Executive Secretary Online Desk

Phone: 09874 9-1030, Fax: 09874 9-330
Mail: ,

Latest Report

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Annual Report 2017

Reformation and the One World

  • News from the Director’s Office – 10 years of Mission EineWelt
  • Department for Africa – Africa in the Focus of the World Public
  • Department for Papua New Guinea/Pacific/East Asia – Partnerships on the Point of Radical Changes, Emerging and Awakening
  • Department for Latin America – Seeding Hope, building Bridges, encouraging the Dialogue
  • Department for Partnership and Parish Work – Global goes local
  • Department for Mission and Intercultural Studies – Migration, Religion, Women’s Rights
  • Department for Development and Politics – Encounters, Education, Attendance_
  • Department for Finance and Administration – Sustainable Attendance for Partnerships
  • Topic: Donations – Celebrations, Ambassadors, Arguments and generous Support
  • Erlanger Verlag (name of publishing house) – Wanted: New Ideas and Fellow Campaigners
  • At a glance – Telephone directory, Online and Media offers

Annual Report 2017 (PDF)
Annual Report 2016 (PDF)
Annual Report 2015 (PDF)

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