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Global worship „built together“

Global worship “built together”

on 27th of November 2021

from 13.00h to about 15.00h (German time) 
from 12.00h to about 14.00h (UTC)

Check which time it is on your place: Link to timeconverter

Together in Christ and in worldwide community we celebrate this global worship in joint prayer and Bible sharing.
We experience diversity, exchange hopes and worries and gain new perspectives.
We want to believe, love and hope together.

  • Welcome to young people and youth leaders and all those who are active or interested in Lutheran youth work.
  • online via zoom – globally connected – in English (and some parts in additional languages)
  • If you want to share music from yourself/your choir/your band please upload your record and a textsheet including your name and contact until 21st  of November 2021 here: https://cloud.elkb.de/files/s/ExzfZwRadHRJZtm  (Password: connected)
  • contact for questions and support:
    Johanna Kluge, coordinator for international youth work (EJB), kluge[at]ejb.de
  • Team:
    Aletheia (Malaysia), Bence (Hungary), Johanna (Germany), Josephine (Australia), Luisa (Germany), Maro (Kenya), Michael (Germany), Natan (Brazil), Paula (Germany), Robin (Tanzania), Wilson (Malaysia)

Download: global_worship_20211127

Informationen zur Veranstaltung

Datum und Uhrzeit:
13:00 - 15:00

Verantwortlich für die Veranstaltung:
Michael Seitz für Mission EineWelt/Johanna Kluge für Evangelische Jugend in Bayern


Tagungsnummer (falls vorhanden):
MI 1117

Kosten: 0.00

Anmeldung: kluge@ejb.de

iCal Link: iCal

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