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Mission EineWelt center cooperates on a partnership basis with various churches in Africa, Latin America, East Asia and the Pacific Region. By order of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria, we support our partners with financial means from donations, collections, inheritances and pecuniary legacies, earnings from foundations and money from church taxes.

Against Injustice!

Everywhere in this world, people are longing for peace, justice and a self-determined life. Together with our partners in other countries, we support people on their way to this destination.

Apart from Christianity, we want to share our material wealth with them. For this reason, Mission EineWelt supports various programs and projects, for example in areas such as education, health, work, justice and many more!

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We need you to help us so that we can help others in turn – please make a bank transfer to our donations account with Evangelische Bank or opt for an Online donation on our website.

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Katrin Bauer, Fachbereichsleiterin Fundraising

Support and assistance is offered in the following areas …

Diakonischer Auftrag: z.B. PLCC in Kenia

Education is our true resource. It gives us access to freedom, democracy and development – no matter if in Germany or in the countries of our partner churches. Above all, Mission EineWelt fosters education and training projects in rural areas and urban slums. Ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged population groups are supported to demand their right to education.

Umweltschützende Landwirtschaft nachhaltig förder, CAPA Brasilien
Food and Sustainable Crop Growing

Another central focus is food and nutrition security. It is not only by means of our campaign “We have got enough to eat” that we protest against the myth of lack and shortage. It is scandalous that people don’t have enough food to eat. The world could easily feed 12 billion people. But it is a fact that one billion people are starving all over the world due to the unjust distribution of food. Mission EineWelt is in support of small-scale farmers to yield better crops by means of environmentally friendly farming methods. We foster the sustainable growing of crops and stand up for fair trade conditions.

Medizinische Versogrung in Papua-Neuguinea
Health and Humanitarian Aid

Due to the bad infrastructure in many countries, access to basic medical treatment is limited. Many partner churches are committed to changing this with the objective to permanently guarantee a basic medical treatment by means of a basic service supply, education and prevention programs, education and advanced professional training of native physicians and nurses.

Building of Congregations, Mission and Evangelization, Theological Training

Together with our partner churches, we are striving to train a good staff for a growing church. We want to encourage people to commit themselves to community work and to train our volunteers and employed staff members of tomorrow to confidently cope with their increasing tasks y. The partner churches – like the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria – have been facing the ever increasing challenges and chances of globalization now as before.

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    We will automatically send you a donation receipt in the form of an accumulative receipt by the beginning of the following year. Please specify your complete address for this purpose.
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