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The purpose of a campaign is to explain the facts, set things in motion and put pressure on decision-makers. For this reason, Mission EineWelt center is committed to reducing injustice in our One World by means of own campaigns, projects and by means of cooperations and networking. Our topics range from advocacy work over diaconic welfare and social work, development and Evangelization to partnership work between Bavarian parishes, church districts, institutions and overseas institutions.

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Our campaigns

Kampagne: Wir haben genug
Campaign “We have (had) enough!”

The title of the Mission One World campaign for 2009 and 2010, “We have (had) enough!”, is an expression of our protest against this myth of scarcity. It is a scandal that people cannot eat their fill. Our protest reflects a saying of the writer, Victor Hugo, “You want support for the poor; I want misery to be abolished”, but with the proviso that support rightly understood will aim precisely at the abolition of poverty. Just as mission is not an advertisement for a particular religion, church or world view. Mission is living in the mission of Jesus who gave food to the hungry so that they had enough to eat.

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Campaign “muttererde – vaterland – menschenskinder!”

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Campaigns in Cooperation with others and Networking

Agrarbündnis Bayern
Agrarbündnis Bayern

It is the intention of “Agrarbündnis Bayern”, known in Germany as an independent, non-party, interdenominational organization of agricultural, environmental, nature and animal protection and consumer and development politics, to discuss a healthy, sustainable and fair food production all over the world. The organization puts forward requests and demands to be considered in the decision processes of the European Union since the EU agricultural policies also have an impact on the agricultural situation in the southern countries.

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Aktion Aufschrei - Stoppt den Waffenhandel!
Action Alliance “Aktion Aufschrei – stoppt den Waffenhandel!” is an action alliance to stop arms trade

For years, the USA, Russia, China, France and Germany have counted among the top 5 nations exporting arms world-wide. Nearly 60 per cent of all export licenses for weapons and armaments have meanwhile been granted to non-NATO and non-EU member states. Their destinations are dictatorships and authoritarian regimes in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe who spurn Human Rights. Counteraction is the answer of this alliance.

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Aktionsbündnis gegen Aids
“Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS”, the action alliance against AIDS

The action alliance against AIDS is part of the worldwide fight against this deadly disease. The action alliance stands up for the fact “that Germany, an economically privileged industrial country, assumes responsibility and makes an appropriate contribution towards overcoming the global HIV epidemic.”

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Bayern gegen ausbeuterische Kinderarbeit
Bayern gegen ausbeuterische Kinderarbeit – Bavaria against child labor and exploitation of children

Child labor and the exploitation of children are not only a legal problem but also an ethical wrongdoing with a negative impact on the children throughout their lives. We demand to stop children being exploited and child labor. Moreover, we stand up for a fair remuneration of their parents to avoid children starting to work in the first place.

Go to the campaign’s website (german)

Deutscher Menschenrechts-Filmpreis
German Human Rights Film Award

The German Human Rights Film Award decorates outstanding film and television productions that report on topics dealing with the history, impact and significance of human rights in general. The prize is awarded every two years at the beginning of December on the occasion of the international day of human rights.

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Eine Welt Netzwerk Bayern
“EineWelt Netzwerk Bayern”, the networking association of EineWelt

EineWelt Netzwerk Bayern e.V. , a registered association, is the Bavarian networking association for all groups committed to development aid policy, for all fair trade stores run by the churches and local EineWelt network in Bavaria. It is our objective to create an increasing awareness among the people that they are responsible for our One World, a fact that people should consider in everything they think or do.

Go to the website of EineWelt Netzwerk (german)


The alliance “erlassjahr.de – Entwicklung braucht Entschuldung”, says that “development is in need of debt relief” and is committed to relieving the poor countries from their high debts since the creditor countries are also responsible for the high indebtedness of many developing countries.

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Fair Trade Logos
Fair Trade

Reasonable prices, the strengthening of small and medium-sized structures in agriculture, crafts and trade, and direct marketing are not only important issues for the producers in developing countries but for the whole world. The fair trade campaign and the fairtrade seal help to back up the existence of many small producers and to make way for a self-determined and sustainable development.

Go to the website of Fair trade, EineWelt-Station Nürnberg (german)

Fair Toys / fair spielt
Fair Toys / fair play

Together with partner organizations in Europe and Asia, the Nuremberg alliance “Fair Toys” and the action campaign “fair spielt” (fair play) are committed to human rights and fundamental labor standards in the toy industry.

Go to the website “fair spielt” (german)

For a fair world trade instead of free trade! – Stop CETA & TTIP, TiSA!

The alliance “TTIP – Unfairhandelbar” is committed to a fair, sustainable and democratic trade and foreign trade policy world-wide. Trade agreements such as CETA, TTIP, TiSA & Co increase the profits of large-scale enterprises and international groups in the first line and are bound to aggravate global crises, disputes related to resources, climate change and global injustice, etc. The alliance speaks up for a world-wide transformation in social and ecological terms.

Go to the website TTIP – Unfairhandelbar (german)

Kampagne für saubere Kleidung
Kampagne für saubere Kleidung known as Clean Clothes Campaign

Kampagne für saubere Kleidung , the Clean Clothes Campaign is committed to improving the working conditions in the garment industry throughout the world. The intention is that local retailers in Germany undertake to observe the social minimum standards when manufacturing their apparel, to sign a code of conduct and to agree to regular controls.

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klima Allianz Deutschland known as climate alliance Germany

Tackling climate change is the central touchstone for more solidarity in world society. Against this background, klima Allianz Deutschland specifies the deficiencies in climate and energy policy. Thus, it is the counterbalance to all the interests in profit and power of many stakeholders from business and politics. Public pressure contributes to overcoming blockades related to climate policy.

Go to the website klima allianz deutschland (german)

mission.de – Bundesweite Imagekampagne
mission.de – a nationwide image campaign

The church public should experience missionary work in a positive way again. For this purpose, 25 missionary organizations, associations and churches have closed ranks to be joined in the umbrella body known as Evangelisches Missionswerk Deutschland – The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany, with its German abbreviation EMW, to embark on their mutual image campaign “mission.de”.

Go to the website of mission.de (german)

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