• Mission EineWelt is a centre for partnership, development and mission.
    It is funded an mainly financed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.

About us

Mission EineWelt is the centre for partnership, development and mission of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria by whose order the center fosters and encourages relations with Lutheran partner churches in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Region. Development policy is our educational mission in Germany. In the scope of cooperations, we have relations with various churches in Africa, East Asia, Australia, North America and Scandinavia.

Among others, the various tasks of the center are to put the following into practice:

We live and foster Christianity all over the world and, together with our partners in many countries of the world, we are striving for more justice, peace and the preservation of the Creation in this One World. We support intercultural exchange around the globe and encounters of people above and beyond cultural and religious borders.

Our partnerships with churches in Africa, Latin America, East Asia and the Pacific Region are characterized by encounters, staff exchange and financial support for church, social, medical and educational projects. In addition to the roughly 100 specialists who have currently been assigned to positions abroad on a temporary basis (pastors, deacons, teachers, physicians, engineers, business administration specialists or craftsmen), we also send out volunteers to our partner churches in the scope of a gap year to do voluntary work in the social sector in the scope of a FSJ year, as we call it in German, and grant scholarships abroad to students of theology.

In return, our work is complemented by the expert knowledge input of staff members who come from our partner churches abroad to see us and work with us in Germany. Together with our partners, we commit ourselves to standing up for common matters and enhancing the skills of all parties involved.

We encourage ecumenical and global learning and we are committed to our partners’ concerns. We stand up for human rights to give women, men and children a chance to live in dignity and freedom.

For this purpose, we support and improve international partnerships consisting of groups, parishes and church districts. We provide lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, we send out our staff to schools, exhibitions and offer consultancy services. Apart from different types of events for our employed staff members and volunteers, it is our educational mission to offer opportunities for the discussion of political topics and for an interdenominational dialogue and ecumenical learning for those who are interested in and committed to the church and for state institutions.

God has called us to serve Him in His mission and to encourage people in spreading the message of Jesus Christ, namely faith, hope and love above and beyond all borders.

Questions about the center

We’re here to help:

Mission OneWorld
Centre for Partnership, Development and Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria

Postal address:
Post office box 68, 91561 Neuendettelsau
Hauptstraße 2, 91564 Neuendettelsau

Phone: 09874 9-0, fax: 09874 9-330

In the organizational chart of the church office of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria, the center belongs to main area C, “Ecumenism and church life”.


What we do

Unser Name ist Programm und Auftrag
Our name is both our motto and our mission

For us, the issue is our One World. We are committed to the Christian testimony in words and deeds and we stand up for justice, peace and the preservation of the Creation.

Wir stehen in partnerschaftlichen Beziehungen zu Kirchen und lernen voneinander
We maintain partner relations with churches and learn from each other

In particular, we maintain relations with 22 partner churches in Papua New Guinea, in the Pacific Region, in East Asia, in Africa and in Latin America. We support staff exchange from and to overseas locations and support projects and programs in our partner churches. The relationships of about 70 Bavarian church districts to overseas partners are accompanied by Mission EineWelt.

Wir vermitteln Glaubens- und Lebenswirklichkeit unserer Partner
We communicate the reality of Faith and life of our partners

Together with international guests and ecumenical staff members, we celebrate and live our common Faith. We inform you on our partner countries by means of lectures, by sending our staff members out to schools, by conferences, seminars and workshops.

Wir schaffen Raum für Begegnungen
We make room for encounters

We promote and accompany partnership trips to overseas and offer advice to groups when they organize partnership visits from overseas.

Wir schaffen Bewusstsein durch Bildung
We create awareness by means of education

Our offers for you: the exhibition “einBlick” called a glance,  group events of the ecumenical workshop, workshops, touring exhibitions to come to your place, boxes full of development policy contents and contributions by our coordinators on the occasion of your events and much more.

Wir setzen uns ein für mehr Gerechtigkeit und die Einhaltung der Menschenrechte
We stand up for more justice and the compliance with human rights

We are a member of the campaign heading for debt relief that is called “erlassjahr.de” in German, of the action alliance against AIDS with German name “Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS”, of the climate alliance Germany, in German called “klima Allianz Deutschland” and of Fair trade. We are committed to fair working conditions in the textile and toy industry and support the development cooperative “Oikocredit”.

Wir fördern Kompetenzen
We boost skills

By way of our overseas staff members and the granting of scholarships, we support the professionally skilled training and advanced training in theology and the building of congregations in our partner churches.

Wir fördern Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
We help people to help themselves

We work in rural development projects and in basic medical care. Our help is designed to help the people to help themselves in order to improve their independence.

Wir arbeiten vernetzt
Our work is networking

We cooperate with local partnership and One World groups and with regional, national and international organizations.

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